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Polygonal Ornaments Night Light

$34.99 USD $99.99 USD

Iron Polygonal Ornaments Night Light

Create a romantic and intimate ambiance in your bedroom with our Polygonal Ornaments Night Light. Made of high-quality iron art, this lamp features a unique polygonal design that emits a warm and soothing warm white light. Its compact size and battery-powered operation make it easy to place anywhere in your room, whether on your bedside table or a shelf. Perfect for couples who want to enhance the mood of their space, this night light is sure to add a touch of elegance and charm to your home.

  • [Material]:  Iron art
  • [Size]:  25cm (9.8")
  • [Color]:  Warm White
  • [Type]:  Lamp
  • [Battery]:  3 AA batteries/4.5V
  • [Note]: Battery and USB


About this Item

  • Ironwork
    Metal products have a long life cycle, are not easily damaged, and can also bear other unique designs.
  • Wide range of applications
    Compatible indoors and outdoors. Create an indoor small garden, and outdoor lighting, the scene is changeable, and you can match it as you like.